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Anush Karthikeyan

executive search consultant
How to spot an opportunity? 

Increase topline by 5x, scale up operations to Europe, sponsor the most important business event in the city - we all would have had similar plans for 2020.

I am sure many of you had to realign these plans subsequently since March2020. Some believe 2020 is a wash off; few others identified new opportunities and are in the game. And majority of the businessmen are wondering how to re-organize and minimize the hit on the bottomline.

Of course a big equation is on #Manpower. Whom to #retain & whom to let go, considering all the predictions you can make in terms of demand pickup, sector specific targeting etc. Looking this from the talent viewpoint, some are in perpetual fear of "when will I be asked to leave!"

For all who are in the state of uncertainty, there is one simple solution - answer this - a. How much do I write off? b. How do I re-skill myself?

The world is facing something unprecedented since WorldWar2. Some say write off a quarter, some say a year, some even say 2 years ( speak with real estate ecosystem players/employees).

On the re-skilling part, many online Learning modules have picked up this trend. Most trending 'pedagogy' is DIY - thanks to all the support we have at our finger tips. Many talents are picking up a new skill, refreshing concepts and positioning themselves for new avenues. At Pieworks, we are betting big on Ed-tech and Education sector.