We are looking for an experienced UX Designer who has worked on software applications, mobile apps etc.

Work Portfolio Mandatory

Preferred Past Experience: Either with a design agency / studio or consumer-tech businesses


  • Understanding the product/business vision of the founder and mapping it back to how you’ll achieve the same through your design
  • Pitching in creative solutions to approach a business problem through design
  • Becoming an extended part of the Client’s team and planning the design cycles
  • Presenting your solutions along with your teammates
  • Working on UI and UX overhaul of digitally active brands and products (Direct to Consumer Products)
  • You’ll be involved in projects which require specialists in their respective fields right from Nutritionists, Athletes, Psychologists to Business designers
  • In some cases you’ll have live working sessions with Client’s internal design team
  • You’ll be picking up your passion projects/assignments under management along with other team members on a monthly basis
  • Working on improving our core design processes

Location: India