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Anush Karthikeyan

senior leadership hiring
I am back in the market, the hunt begins….but, where do I start ?

The conventional wisdom is to go back to your network, give a call to your ex-boss, speak to your friends etc. Yes, this is even today super effective. However, if you don't want to be tied down by your existing network strength, what are your options? Considering mid-level to senior level roles in the ecosystem, the naukri databases of the world may not be the best bet. Of course you have your digital footprint like Linkedin that talks about your professional chart and you could get hunted down! I wonder how we can make the process more efficient. Say, you have one avenue and all perfectly relevant opportunities fly in to u...... and icing on the cake - a human on the other end is explaining the nitty grit-ties of each of those opportunities.

How long shall we continue to have human interactions on career decisions? Some claim bots will take over and we don’t really need a human to broker/advice next steps. I am a firm believer of human’s EI playing a key role in 2 pertinent aspects of the business world — Raising Capital, Hiring Talent. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is at the core of these decisions at both the ends - employer & talent; Investor & Founder. Skill check-perfect; Experience check-perfect…..but are you able to check the complimenting behaviour drives & aligning values? Thats the key that differentiates an efficient recruitment process and everything else.

And if you get to someone who can share a life goal with you, then you are in for a long haul in that system. Guess what — I always wanted to run a marathon and my new boss is a marathon runner! (fitness defines them)